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Spray Equipment Packages :: HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP spraying has emerged as an important technology in today’s industrial finishing market. HVLP consumes higher volume air at lower pressure to atomize coatings. By reducing atomizing air pressure at the air nozzle, forward velocity of the spray is also reduced, minimizing “bounceback” and “overspray” from the article being coated. This results in substantial savings in coating materials, booth filter usage, and helps industrial finishing operations meet compliance regulations. Normal operating nozzle pressures range from 3 to 10 PSI, with air consumption from 6 to 22 CFM. Lower viscosity materials can be atomized from 3 to 5 PSI, while heavier materials and higher fluid deliveries require the higher air settings, upwards of 10 PSI.

graco hlvp spraying equipmentGraco Air Pro HVLP guns are ergonomically designed for superior handling and have a soft, controlled and adjustable spray pattern with less overspray. Graco Air Pro HVLP Guns feature even material distribution through the spray pattern for optimum coverage, improved transfer efficiency through reduced air consumption, reduced spray turbulence due to uniform air flow, and enhanced atomization which is achieved through material specific aircaps. Graco Air Pro Spray Guns are also offered in a “Compliant” and Conventional version to satisfy any finisher’s needs and meet any code regulations.

The Binks MACH 1 and MACH1 SL HVLP Guns are lightweight, top quality, high performance spray guns. The superbly balanced forged aluminum body is ergonomically designed with a compact grip size, offering the operator extra comfort and control. All of the spray gun’s components are machined and finished to exacting tolerances using only the highest quality materials, including long life self-adjusting packings to ensure years of peak efficiency. The Binks MACH series of HVLP equipment operates and handles like traditional spray guns and uses standard factory compressed air.

compcat hvlp spraying gunThe DeVilbiss “Blue” Compact HVLP gun allows you to maintain EPA compliance and produce a superb finish. Built to provide outstanding coating atomization, the “Blue” Compact can handle all types of solvent and waterborne materials. High performance is coupled with a gun body light in weight and designed for operator comfort to increase productivity. Brass air caps and stainless steel fluid tips and needles provide superior atomization and universal compatibility with all industrial spray coatings. Air passages are virtually clear of paint volume, eliminating contamination of nozzle threads. The guns feature a No Baffle Design. The reduced number of parts minimizes the weight of the gun, making it easier to control. Lighter than major competitive guns, it weighs only 14.6 ounces (412 grams). The Devilbiss Transtech and Advanced Conventional models will also satisfy any finisher’s needs and meet any code regulations.


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