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Spray Equipment Packages :: Electrostatic Spray Guns or Powder Coating

Electrostatic Spray Guns or Powder Coating

Electrostatic Spray Guns or Powder Coating

Graco is a worldwide leader in electrostatic finishing with their Pro XS series of Conventional, Air Assisted Airless and electrostatic spray gun finishingAirless and Waterbased Electrostatic guns.

The term electrostatics or electrostatic spray finishing refers to a spray finishing process in which electrical charges and electric fields are used to attract particles of atomized coating material to the target (the object to be coated). In the most common types of electrostatic systems, electrical charges are applied to the coating material and the target is grounded, creating an electric field. The charged particles of coating material are drawn by the electric field to the surface of the grounded target because of the attraction of opposing electrical charges.

Electrostatic spray charging improves the transfer efficiency of spray finishing equipment. The transfer efficiency improvements occur because the electrostatic forces help overcome other forces, such as momentum and air flow that can cause the atomized materials to miss the intended target.

electrostatic air powered gunElectrostatic methods save coating material, time, and labor. More of the material is attracted to and adheres to the target, and less material is lost in the spray booth and the surrounding environment. Electrostatic methods also lower solvent emissions into the air since less coating material is needed to coat each part.

Graco’s Pro XS 2, 3 4 and Pros XS4 AA guns feature SnapBack electrode for consistent alignment and extended durability, AP2 air powered gun for easy installation without electrical connections, Indexing air cap for easy operator installation, Integral air swivel, Improved air cap material for consistent finish quality and better durability and Smart Display showing voltage and current on the gun for validation while spraying.

Graco offers Electrostatic Spray Packages with low pressure Triton Diaphragm Pumps and Pressure tanks for decorative applications as well as Monark and President high pressure pumps with Graco Pros XS4 AA Air Assisted Airless Gun for maximum production speed and paint savings in the protective coatings market.


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