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Spray Equipment Packages :: Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment

, ITW Binks and Devilbiss and Nordson are the premier worldwide manufacturers of liquid and powder spray application equipment. The application of a paint coating to a substrate is an integral part of the product manufacturing process and is done to provide a decorative and/or protective coating to the surface of the object.

graco air assisted spray equipmentThere are a variety of methods used to atomize and apply liquid coatings and primarily one method to apply powder coatings. Liquid coatings are typically atomized by conventional air spray, HVLP, Air Assisted Airless and Airless and Electrostatic methods. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and it’s suitability is determined by a number of factors such as product geometry, appearance requirement; film thickness required, coating viscosity and cost, application speed required, the hazardous nature of the coating and environmental considerations; to name a few.

Graco and ITW Binks and Devilbiss offer a wide variety of low and high pressure packages and paint supply systems to fit every need. Our low pressure models include Graco Air Pro and ITW Devilbiss Compact Air Spray, HVLP, Compliant or Electrostatic spray guns, air and fluid hose, pressure tanks or Triton, Falcon or Binks Comet pumps and appropriate air and fluid regulation for a complete, easy to setup spray solution. We also offer convenient models that include their own air compressor and are completely self contained and ready to be used on a remote jobsite.

Powder Coatings are typically “fluidized” in a hopper or vibratory box feeder and Conveyed through tubing to a lightweight gun where they are electrostatically charged and deposited on the substrate. Powder coating can offer many advantages over liquid coatings: Up to 99 percent of powder overspray can be captured and recycled, One-coat coverage without runs or sags, Easy cleanup, No solvents to mix or recover, No viscosity balance to maintain, No flash-off time requirements, No need to provide heat booth make-up when air is returned to work area, Reject rate can be kept low because damaged coating can be blown off and recoated before heat cure. Readily available resins can provide one or a combination of desirable characteristics including: durability, resilience, high gloss, electrical insulation, toughness; and resistance to wear, corrosion, impact, chemical action, and weather. Other advantages are Consistent finish characteristics and electrostatic "wrap-around" reducing the need for highly skilled operators, process is easily automated and can include automatic gun movers and/or contouring mechanisms and production time can often be reduced, as one coat will do the job.

powder coating systemsThe revolutionary all-new Nordson Encore™ manual powder spray system provides unsurpassed operator control, coating efficiency and ease of use for an unprecedented level of coating performance on demand. Ergonomically engineered to fit like a glove and featuring vastly more functional On-Gun* controls, the Encore spray gun is the lightest and best-balanced gun on the market, making the painter’s job easier for more consistent and repeatable coating performance. The innovative Encore all-digital operator interface provides unprecedented control functionality and flexibility for optimum coating results with every part type and application challenge.


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