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Spray Equipment Packages :: Miracle Paint Mixers and Shakers

Miracle Paint Mixers and Shakers

Miracle Paint Mixers and Shakers

miracle paint mixerMiracle designs and manufactures paint mixers for one and five gallon mixing. The single axis rocking motion provides a consistent repeatable mix every time. Mix times may be slightly longer in a single axis mixer however the paint mixers simple design requires fewer moving parts and provides excellent long term value. Our paint mixers and paint shakers are designed for use as a Laboratory Mixer, Automotive Paint Shaker, Architectural Paint Mixer, Shaker for Ink Preparation, as well as for Industrial Products Blending and Tumbler and Deburring applications. All Miracle Paint mixers are quality built, and will deliver years of dependable service.

miracle blue boy paint shakerAfter 60 years the Miracle Blue Boy is still the industry standard for 5 gallon paint shakers. The simple design, dependability and size makes this versatile heavy duty paint mixer a valuable component to your mixing department. The highly efficient, fast operating clamping system allows you to shake 1, 2, or 5 gallon steel or plastic pails up to 80 pounds without the use of adapters. Simply load your 5 gallon pail horizontally and secure the clamp. The Blue Boy MBB-5-C 5 gallon paint shaker comes with a 115/230 volt H.P. motor with a standard 30 minute timer, giving you all the versatility you need to get the job done right. All Miracle Paint 5 gallon paint shakers are quality built, and will deliver years of dependable service.

The Miracle Paint MDC-2-P Challenger floor model is a paint mixer engineered for industrial use yet is quiet and versatile enough to be used in a laboratory. The single axis rocking motion provides a thorough and efficient mix for two containers simultaneously at the most economical price. A great variety of container shapes and sizes fit safely and securely into this floor mounted paint mixer. The dual arm, front loading MDC-2-P Challenger paint mixer, vertically clamps pints, quarts, and gallons without using adaptors. If you prefer horizontal clamping, our optional side clamp is the solution. The paint mixer unit comes standard with a 30 minute mechanical timer and the power cord plugs into any standard wall outlet for maximum flexibility.

The Pacer Line provides industrial mixers for shaking multiple size and shaped containers up to five liters. The dual axis mixing motion combines a rocking motion with a piston action and creates a more aggressive mix. The shear created by the two high-speed motions provides the quickest most thorough mix especially for heavy solids and products with sediment or fleck.


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